Plywood for building construction and interior fittings

In addition to birch and conifer plywood, we also stock specialities such as beech plywood, ceiba, poplar and flame-retardant plywood.

In the building construction sector, plywood for interior fittings is increasingly coming to the fore alongside classic products from China in the form of raw and felted plywood. The share of FSC and PEFC-certified timber is also steadily increasing.

Our merchandise comes from South American, Asian and European factories. As an importer, we comply with the provisions of the German Timber Trade Protection Act with all due care.

Raw Plywood Brockmann Holz Krefeld

Raw plywood

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Film Plywood Brockmann Holz Krefeld

Film-faced plywood

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Screen-printed Plywood Brockmann Holz Krefeld

Screen-printed plywood

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